A Simple Hive Inspection Recorder

An Android application coming soon to the Google Play Store.

A simple and quick electronic method for recording hive inspections that doesn’t rely on a permanent internet connection.

It is based on the UK National Hive but should cope with most other hive formats.

It requires;

  • an email application running on your device with a pre-configured email account. If you have a web email address and access this via a browser then Hives isn’t for you.
  • an Android device running at lease version 6.01.

Watch this space for an integrated Windows 10 PC/desktop option.

See here for Hive Inspection Recorder help and usage instructions.

What Else?

We also have an embryonic Bee Wiki here but if you need practical advice on bee keeping you should have a look at the excellent David A Cushman site.

A handful of downloadable resources can be found here.


Bee Pictures from Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos, Myriam Zilles, David Habl├╝tzel, Harry Strauss et al

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