Beekeeping Resources

Hive Construction

A set of our own downloadable British national hive plans (Note: This section is still being worked on so not many plans just yet, although some useful information).

View – British National Hive Plans – How to make your own beehives.

View – Cut Optimization Calculator – Material cutting planner.


Bee, Wasp & Hornet identification sheets.

Download – Bee Species in the UK – Bee Identification (WWF).

Download – Bee Spotter Guide – Bee Identification (Friends of the Earth).

Download – Asian Hornet – Identify Asian Hornet (

Download – Asian Hornet – Identify Asian Hornet (Sommerset Beekeepers Association).

Download – Wasps – Identify Wasps (Guide to Garden Wildlife. Richard Lewington).

Download – Yellow Stripey Things – Yellow Stripey Things (Source Unknown).

Life cycle

The Honey Bee Life Cycle (source unknown).

Download – The Honey Bee Life Cycle – An essential life cycle diagram.


Our own paper based hive record sheet. One A4 sheet per hive per inspection.

or see our electronic recording app Hives

Download – Hive Record Sheet – Our 1 per hive per inspection recording sheet.


How to manage swarming.

Download – There Are Queen Cells In My Hive – A very helpful booklet on what to do if you see queen cells (from the Food and Environment Research Agency).

View – An Artifical Swarm Method Download – An Artifical Swarm Method – Our own Artifical Swarm diagram.


Disease treatments and prevention.

Download – Thymol Treatment for Sugar Syrup – Our own Excel spreadsheet for calculating thymol dillutions.


Other useful stuff.

Download – Bee Year – Our one page “Bee Year” calendar.