Hive Plans

How to build the British National Hive.

Click on the button below to download a reprint of The British National Hive (1961). Continue reading for our own simplified version of the National Hive.

Download – The British National Hive (1961)

Make Your Own National Hive

Coming soon – full plans and a step by step photo guides.

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British National Brood Box – 3D View.

Click on the ? for instructions. (Please note the 3D rotation option doesn’t work on touch screen devices).

Tool List

  • Small table saw.
  • Electric drill & screwdriver, wood bits, countersink and screwdriver bits.
  • Electric skill saw or hand saw (for first few cuts from sheet of plywood).
  • 2 Saw horses, 4 is safer/easier.
  • Tape measure & steel rule.
  • Pencil.
  • Waterproof PVA glue, old jam jar & small paintbrush.
  • 2 or more G-Clamps.
  • Combination square or Woodworking square.
  • Sandpaper (80 and 120 grit) and sanding block.
  • Paintbrush.

Not essential, but makes it easier if creating large numbers of hive parts.

  • Compressor & paint gun.
  • Router (may be essential for some designs of hive floor).
  • Electric sander.
  • Jig

Not a tool but it is often helpful when constructing brood boxes or supers to have a brood or super frame handy. Useful for checking spacing and fit.

Click the buttons below for plans, 3D views and construction instructions.

General woodworking tools.

Make the best use of large sheets or lengths of wood. This tool helps you layout multiple hive parts on larger sheets or lengths of wood – getting as many parts from one sheet or length as possible.

We will also be posting downloadable cutting plans for the British National hive with detailed cutting measurements and cut order – watch this space.

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